What Does a Mastech Model Number Tell You?

The model number of a Mastech DC power supply says a lot about what kind of DC power supply it is. Take, for example, HY3005D-3. The first two letters "HY" have no specific meaning other than indicating that it's a Mastech DC power supply. The first two digits "30" indicate the maximum voltage it can output, i.e., 30V. The next two digits "05" denote the maximum current it can output in each output channel, in this case, 5A. The letter "D" specifies that this is a linear power supply (which we will cover later) with an LCD display. The next "-3" indicates that it's a triple-output power supply, meaning you can get three independent outputs, typically with 2 variable and the third one fixed at 5V. Similarly, HY5020E means it's a single-output regulated DC power supply with a 50V maximum voltage output and 20A maximum current output, and it's a switching power supply.


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