What applications can I run with my Mastech DC power supply?

What Applications Can I Run with My Mastech DC Power Supply?

Mastech variable regulated DC power supplies are great for almost any applications that require DC power. We have a broad base of customers using our linear DC power supplies and switching DC power supplies in industrial, scientific, and hobbyist applications. Some common applications include circuit design and testing, manufacturing and product verification, electrochemical works like electrolysis, plating, and anodizing, DC motors, hobby works like clocks, radios, slot cars, and trains, and battery charging, among others.

In the last 10 years, we have adopted new designs that bring reliability and fault tolerance of a linear and switching DC power supply to the next level. After three years of testing, we are happy to confirm that the new Volteq line of regulated DC power supplies has met all of our expectations in terms of voltage and current regulation, noise, and reliability. They are recommended for any applications that have reverse EMF, including battery charging, electroplating, anodizing, electroforming, or any electrochemical processes, LEDs, slot car applications, relays, DC motors, servo motors, etc.


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