Linear Power Supply vs Switching Power Supply

Understanding the Difference: Linear Power Supply vs. Switching Power Supply

Linear DC Power Supply

In the past, linear power supplies were the go-to option for power conversion. Although less popular today, they remain crucial in applications that demand minimal ripple and noise. Linear power supplies employ a large transformer to lower the AC voltage, followed by rectifier circuitry and filtering processes to produce a clean DC voltage. By regulating the voltage through a shunt regulator, the DC voltage is adjusted to the desired level. Linear power supplies excel in various applications, including studio mixers, low noise amplifiers, signal processing, data acquisition, test equipment, and control circuits. At our company, we offer variable regulated linear power supplies that boast exceptional performance and low noise levels, all at a fraction of the cost of established brands.

Switching DC Power Supply

Switching power supplies emerged in the late 1970s and have since become the most popular choice due to their remarkable efficiency and performance. These power supplies regulate the output voltage using pulse width modulation (PWM), which introduces some high-frequency noise. However, they compensate for this with high power efficiency and a compact form factor. Switching power supplies find applications in general purposes such as research and development, high-power and high-current applications, communications systems, battery charging, and more. Our company specializes in designing switching power supplies with minimal noise and ripple, making them ideal for R&D and lab environments.

At Mastech Power Supplies, we offer a wide range of power supply options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a linear power supply for fan-less audio applications or a switching power supply for battery charging or LED applications, we have you covered. Our reliable product line under the Volteq brand delivers enhanced robustness, noise performance, and state-of-the-art technology, making them suitable for various industries. Explore our selection guide to find the perfect power supply for your requirements.


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